Mihajlo Prerad


Mihajlo Prerad is a visionary IT and Telecommunications professional with a strong background and expertise in the field of Network and Application Security, Monitoring and Performance.

For the last several years, Mihajlo is working at leading Eurpean companies in Network Visibility field as a Sales Director and leader, responsible for business in 20+ countries across the Central, South and East Europe, Baltics and Scandinavia.

Mihajlo is considered as a trusted security advisor and been involved in some of the major Network Monitoring and Security projects in EMEA market, working closely with industry leading vendors and some of the biggest service providers, enterprises and governments in order to provision the environment against threats and improve security, reliability and performance of the network.

As a passionate speaker, Mihajlo is constantly delivering high-end content presentations on events and conferences across EMEA market. His presentations were recognized as a “Top 5% of Most Viewed on Slide Share in 2013” and he has been a speaker at IDC IT Security roadshows, Cisco SEE events, ITC Days in several countries and many more.

Mihajlo is very passionate about technology and running his own blog, where his articles were several times featured on LinkedIn and he was interviewed about Network Visibility technology in “Reseller News” in Poland.


Security Delivery Platform: Best practices

The traditional Security model was one that operated under simple assumptions. Those assumptions led to deployment models which in todays’ world of cyber security have been proven to be quite vulnerable and inadequate to growing amount and diversity of threats.

A Security Delivery Platform addresses the above considerations and provides a powerful solution for deploying a diverse set of security solutions, as well as scaling each security solution beyond traditional deployments. Such platform delivers visibility into the lateral movement of malware, accelerate the detection of exfiltration activity, and could significantly reduce the overhead, complexity and costs associated with such security deployments.

In today’s world of industrialized and well-organized cyber threats, it is no longer sufficient to focus on the security applications exclusively. Focusing on how those solutions get deployed together and how they get consistent access to relevant data is a critical piece of the solution. A Security Delivery Platform in this sense is a foundational building block of any cyber security strategy.