Martin Nordqvist

Sales Director

Advenica AB


Martin Nordqvist has been active in the IT industry since 1999. His experience encompasses business transformation experience from Scandinavian Airlines, close to 10 years with IBM in different sales – and alliance executive positions, Business Area Director and partner to a Swedish SAP focused consultant company and at present as the Sales Director for product and services at Advenica AB.

High Assurance Information Exchange Between Protected Domains

Advenica has been active for over 20 years supplying some of the most demanding clients in society with encryption solutions. The demand for higher security is raising all the time and Advenica adresses the challenge continuosly thru the introduction of new solutions. In Our presentation we will handle the following subjects:

  • How can you share information between restircted- and open environments without comprimising security?
  • How can the risk for information leaks in the transmission system be mitigated?
  • Critical infrastructure, Healthcare and Public sector - how is the challenge adressed and what are typical use-cases?

Umiejętności prelegenta

  • Security 90%