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Myroslav Mishchenko | Fortinet Ukraine

Bio note:

  • Master Degree equivalent in computer science and a Master Degree equivalent in Marketing;
  • 14 years experience in IT (started from 2000);
  • 4 years experience of working for Hewlett Packard (HP Networking) as the lead of the business direction in the CIS (being responsible for the business strategy and tactics);
  • 3 years with Fortinet as Major Account Manager (being responsible for Ukraine and starting from 2013 for Belarus as well)

Presentation subject “Cyber attacks in Ukraine in time of emergency”.
The presentation is tended to describe a situation in Ukrainian cyber space starting from December 2013, when Euro Revolution came to its active phase.
There will be given a short overview of Ukrainian cyber-security public agencies, the information and short analysis about cyber-acttacks which took place during that period. The conclusion will contain recommendations, based on the recent experience of Ukraine.