Claudio Salmin | Fortinet France

Bio note:

Claudio Salmin has 10 years of experience working in the IT industry. Since 2010, he has worked as a Consultant System Engineer for Fortinet’s EMEA and APAC regions. He is specialized in network security, network management and virtualization solutions. His previous experience spans from software development to networking and network security. Claudio has a double Master’s Degree in Computer Science (Polytechnic University of Turin) and in Networking (Polytechnic University of Nice-Sophia).

Temat wystąpienia: Real Life Testing for Next Generation Firewall with the NP6 equipped FGT-1500D


Objective of the presentation is to introduce how technically Fortinet implements and tests the NGFW. During the presentation three main questions will be answered: “Why we Test?”, “How we Tes?t” and “What we Test?”. The “why we test” brings into light three main factor that Fortinet takes into account while providing the right solution to customers: Reliability, Sustainability, Reality. On “how we test” is explained how Fortinet uses the available traffic simulators testers to build real traffic scenario. Finally in ‘what we test’ a life demo of the new FGT-1500D performance will be showed.