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Ashley Page | AccessData

Ashley Page – has over ten years experience working in digital forensics.  Prior to joining AccessData as a Senior Forensic Consultant, he has worked with Government, Law Enforcement and Corporates dealing with a multitude of investigations including large scale financial fraud, data loss and internal espionage.  He is currently working as a Pre-Sales Consultant for the EMEA region.

Temat:  Where forensic and cyber security investigations meet

AccessData will present on the topic of IT investigations and how forensic and cyber security approaches are both useful for them. Ashley Page will present as to how his experience as a forensic investigator and then an engineer in IT Security lead o him believing that it is best practice to apply forensic methodology during an incident response investigation. He will also provide information based on a number of case studies and customer stories. In addition, he will conclude with a brief product demo and demonstration, to show how an approach he discusses in the first part of the presentation can be taken using some of the AccessData solutions.